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All candidates can obtain professional training in sales, before starting employment, with the philosophy of your company.
We have found the ideal candidate for you to join you team.
Of course, you want this new employee to feel good and fulfilled in their work environment, to be motivated and to remain loyal to your company.
A trained employee will feel confident and ready to meet the challenges that will come their way in addition to mastering their day-to-day work. Providing them with suitable training clearly shows them that they are important to you, to your business.
In addition, with an efficient and well-equipped team, you will position yourself as a true expert in your field.

The Académie de la Vente can help you plan the required training, adapted to your reality.

Examples of training:

Sales advisor

  • The stages of the sale;
  • Sales, negotiation and loyalty techniques.
  • Sales Director and Assistant:

Goal setting :

  • Personal management;
  • Become a good “Coach”;
  • Team animation;
  • Hold effective meetings.

With 3 essential elements:

  • Customer expectations;
  • Performance standards;
  • Industry best practices.


  • Recognition of Quebec industries;
  • Trainers approved by Emploi Québec;
  • Possibility of tax deduction;
  • Variety of payment methods and adapted solutions;
  • Training for all levels;
  • Obtaining a diploma in 5 days;
  • Performance increase;
  • Guaranteed investment.
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