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This service specializes in supporting companies that are looking for talent to improve their sales team. With a management of more than 5,000 CVs annually, we are able to fill your sales consultant positions.

We can handle the entire hiring process for you and at a great price.

Any industry must have competent representatives. The Académie de la Vente offers to find all of your sales staff. In addition, our placement service offers referencing and pre employment surveys, according to your needs. Candidates can get training based on your criteria on the latest trends in sales and customer engagement.

During the last placement step, we offer:

  • Interviews between the client and the candidates;
  • Feedback with the client and the candidates in order to define their assessments;
  • Selection of the finalist (s) and final interview;
  • Preparation and presentation of the job offer.
  • The Sales Academy can take charge of the entire placement cycle, to free up managers and facilitate the onboarding of newcomers.
  • The clients with whom we work appreciate our transparency, our enthusiasm, our passion, our advice and our
    observations in a most confidential context.

A successful integration!

Create a social fabric, be generous, and your new employees will quickly find their place within your team. Above all, they will want to stay there.