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Trust us for your recruitment. We have all the tools and expertise to find the best candidates to meet your needs. We can handle the entire hiring process for you and at a great price.
Any industry must have competent representatives, who are like your business.

Académie de la Vente offers to research and, if necessary, train salespeople on the lookout for the latest sales and customer service trends.

To properly target your personnel needs and understand your company’s philosophy, we offer:

  • Visit within the company;
  • Needs analysis and identification of hiring criteria.

When taking the mandate, we offer:

  • Initial meeting with the client;
  • Understanding of the management culture and the issues;
  • Familiarization with the management team;
  • Development of the recruitment strategy;
  • Description of the role and definition of the profile sought.

The Academy takes charge of the entire recruitment cycle, to free up managers and facilitate the integration of newcomers.

Over the past decade, hundreds of candidate (s) have been integrated and hired within their specific industry.

Our service includes:

  • Assessment of your needs;
  • Posting of positions on online placement sites;
  • Sorting of applications;
  • Telephone contacts;
  • Preselection of candidates to meet;
  • Interviews and selection of the best candidates;
  • Psychometric profile assessment;
  • Verification of professional references;
  • Criminal record check;
  • Support for managers during job interviews.


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