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Here are the main advantages of an “Automotive Sales Advisor” training:

  • Training school recognized by the “Concessionnaires du Québec”;
  • Train new candidates for Car Manufacturers
    Trainers approved by Emploi Québec;
  • Get a diploma in just 5 days;
  • Get a job immediately;
  • Tax deductible training;
  • Several advantageous payment methods, cash, credit card or Accord D, payable within one year (conditional on acceptance of credit);
  • With the training you will have instant performance, therefore commissions and bonuses quickly;
  • Gateway to a flourishing and rewarding automotive sales career

And in addition … a GUARANTEED JOB! *

* Certain conditions may apply.

  • Base salary;
  • Commissions;
  • Bonus system;
  • Group insurance plan;
  • Demonstration car or monetary compensation;
  • Flexible hours;
  • Continuous training by the manufacturer;
  • Possibility of advancement.

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